Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wake up, Indonesia!

Here we arrive again, at the month where most Muslims are trying to resist their temptation to food and drink during the day. It has been 10 days since the first day of Ramadan this year. This fasting month is actually to simulate how human should bear themselves from all sort of bad deeds.

I am never against this idea of fasting. I have experienced days when I should not eat or drink in front of public since I was told to 'respect' those who were fasting.

That time, I was just a little girl. I didn't think that much. I just did so. I stopped eating my lunch box at class, I drank my water only when no Muslim friends were around.

Even the canteens or restaurants were closed on the day and just opened after the break fast time. If there were some shops opened, the front of the shop should be covered so that people could not see all the foodies inside.

And since I have moved to Singapore, there's no such thing as respecting people who were fasting in that way. The thing was just respecting each other. I respect your fasting day, and you respect my freedom to eat and drink.

I have never thought about this, but sure I preferred this way, not because I became free to eat and drink, but just because this should be the way. I am sure fasting is meant for the Muslims to pull themselves to the limit of resisting the temptations. If everyone just did the same thing, it had no meaning at all.

So, when I read the articles that Indonesian Broadcast Commission wanted to ban all the culinary shows during the fasting time, I felt so embarrassed on my own country. What the hell is this, I am asking myself. Why every single thing should be adjusted to their life style? I am embarrassed, really really embarrassed by their thin determination to fast.

I have a Muslim friend here, and he's totally okay with everything, He never demands for any special treatment during Ramadan. He still goes to site as what he's supposed to do. He still does his full time job and never wants earlier time off. And he even follows his colleagues to the coffee shop for tea time. And I think, this is the real fasting people should do: stick to the daily activities, but don't eat and drink.

Indonesia, can you learn anything?

U're the best I've ever had

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