Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am not (just) a girl

I don't like being looked down, yet I don't like being judged as good for nothing. I am sure I have my own value, I am sure I am as capable as anyone else on this earth although I am just an Indonesian, I am just 21 years old, or I am just a girl.

No, I am not JUST a girl, I am a girl which I am proud to be. I am as good as any guy. You name it, I'll beat it. I am pretty sure I can.

But, being inside an organization that values guys much higher than girls, I really can't stand but to feel demoralized. I am sick of being looked down as if I can't do any single thing well just because I am born to be a girl. Some even never want to look at me as if I am invisible. Crap.

And you see, I will be stronger than any guy you have here. I will be tougher. I will be the winner, and I will be the one who smile at the end.

I am a girl, but that doesn't mean guys are better than me. I am comparable to them, I even can exceed their standard. So watch out your mouth!!!

You're the best I've ever had

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