Saturday, August 06, 2011


This is what I believe:

God will not throw the miracle in front of you and say, "Here it is! Enjoy!" yet you must aim for it, fight for it, and reach it with your both hands. There won't be such a miraculous thing if you just sit and wait, like a big potato sack. You should realize that you need the miracle, step out of your comfort zone, and put your best effort until the last minute and second.

But I believe, yes I do believe, that God lends His hands throughout the miracle-seeking journey. So many helps will be sent out. You will realize that there's a way for every single hard time that you pass. You just get the strength and courage you need at the right time, you find the ear and the mouth you wish at the right time, and you see various ways God helps you, IN THE RIGHT TIME!

I have experienced it myself, and there's no doubt about it. GOD WILL HELP YOU, BUT YOU MUST BE THE ONE WHO FIGHTS TILL THE VERY LAST BREATH.

So, let's find our own miracle!

U're the best I've ever had

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