Wednesday, July 22, 2009

After taking a break several years...

A few days ago, Jakarta was shaken by TWO BOMBS!!! Yeah, two in a day consecutively in two minutes. Can you imagine that? Two bombs, one in JW Marriot and another one in Ritz Carlton, were exploded a day before THE RED DEVILS should have come. OMG.

That day, a whole country seemed too busy to deal with any issue but this explosion. Every issue took a break, including the famous Manohara Pinot. Haha, actually I was very happy not to see her for a whole day, LOL. The policemen investigated the crime spot over and over, the journalists reported the news over and over, the doctors save lifes over and over, and I watched everything throught the television over and over.

The result of the bombing was too bad. Manchester United cancelled their plan to come to Indonesia and have a match with All Indonesian Star, the promotor and sponsor of the tour in Indonesia lost about 50 billion IDR, at least nine were found dead, so many injured people were taken to the hospital, and the most important point was the terror created by the incident.

Terrorism, that's what we call this kind of thing. Terrorism is any action that cause terror in people's life and sure, bombing is a cruel terrorist act. At one shot, boom, so many die. I can't imagine how deep the sadness the victim's family feel. They must be so sad, so upset, so angry, so this, and so that until they think they're going crazy. Really, terrorist can't be forgiven! In this case, they stole too many things: they stole father, sister, brother, grandmother of human, they stole the secure feeling we got all this long, and they stole the chance to promote our country! They stole Manchester United!

Actually, I happened to be in Jakarta until one hour before the bombs exploded. At 7 AM, I got back to Palembang and I knew the news from my cousin who called my mom after we arrived at this town.

A lot of speculations and hypothesis arose. Some said this happened because there were certain parties hated western very much, some were sure that this happened due to the winning of SBY in the president election, some even thought another country did this to Indonesia to ruin its reputation. We'll never know the truth until the investigation come to a conclusion, so now, what we can do is only praying to the Dear Lord to keep us and our country save.


P.S. Dear God, also, bless Three so that the company will not go bankrupt.

U're the best I've ever had

P.S.S. I think this song is suitable for this incident. For the victims, rest in peace, but you know there, no one will say a bye-bye to you, 'cause you will always exist in our hearts.

mariah carey - Bye bye (official video)

P.S.S.S. Forgive me for the lateness. It looks like the thing I will write has been so 'basi'. Some other blog has talked about it several days ago, but I don't care, I just want to record it. The last, rest in peace!!!

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