Monday, July 27, 2009


I will be flying away from home soon. One week to go and I must say a see-you-later to my family. Oh, really, I feel so sick of leaving my home, a place where I learn everything and spend everytime. If it was possible, I would move my house to anywhere I settle down. But, of course, it's impossible. Lol.

These days, while counting down to the day of my departure back to Singapore, I think about my future home. Really, it's just like I build my own house inside my skeleton. The construction is in progress. Haha.

I know, in my future days, if I live in Singapore, and most probably I do, I will hardly have a chance to have a house. Yeap, a house, a building that stands on the ground, is what I really want, not an apartment, condominium, HDB, rumah susun, or anything you call it.

I want to have a house someday, my own house. I want to build a house with someone I love, raise my children, and grow old there. Yeah, I am wandering too far, huh?

So, I have some things essential for my house. I want my house to be a place where I can't get bored, a place where I can have my spare time without a waste, a place where I can get my inspiration, a place where my children can play around and learn everything, a place where each person inside can love each other very deeply.

At first, I thought I didn't really need a wide house; a cute little house will be okay. But, but, but, I am a human, also, and a human is hard to be satisfied, then my house expands slowly but surely. And now, guess, my house is as big as Dao Ming Shi's house. Lol.

Of course my house will have bedrooms, living room, dining room, bathrooms, and any other ordinary rooms. But, I want to upgrade my house to a certain level. Haha.

My house will have a swimming pool
This is very essential, I must say. I like swimming very much, but swimming in a public pool is not that enjoyable: some people kick or punch you accidentally, some stand in front of you while you are moving, and some stare at you like a dog sees a bone. So, I want a private pool. It will be better if it is indoor pool with water heater system, but an ordinary outdoor swimming pool is more than enough for me. =)

My house will have a karaoke room
I love singing and I will be sooo happy if I have one special room for singing. The room will be isolated, the ligthing will not be too bright, the sofa will be arranged to round the big screen, and there will be a good sound system inside. I can imagine, whenever I feel lika singing, I will go to my karaoke room, find my collection, then sing for myself. I can also invite my friends to come and sing with me. It will be so fabulous, yeah!

Each room in my house will have connected speakers
Everytime I want, I will play any songs in my playlist and a whole house will also listen for it. Yeah, it will be so great! I can listen to the music anywhere inside the house. Oh my gosh, I can't imagine how happy I will be!

I will have my own working room
I don't know what I will be in my future days, but I want my own working room. I can write there with a full privacy. My husband will have one and I will have another. Hmm, it will be better if our rooms stand side by side and have a connecting door so that we can come to each other's room. A good idea, huh? Lol.

My house will have a mini library
I love reading, so I will build a mini library. There will be lot of books; novels and comics will dominate the space, but ensiclopedia, astronomical books, and political books will also be there. I will arrange the books in alphabetical order in the shelfs. The floor will be covered with thick rug, there will be sufficient lighting, and there will be a few thick sofas. I can imagine myself sitting there so comfortably, oh God! And, of course, at the corner, there will be a coffee maker and a water dispenser, so I don't have to go out to prevent myself from dehidration. Ah, one more, this room will not get one of the connected speakers. Completely silence!

I will have a gazebo in my garden
Outside my house, I will have a garden, full of flowers, especially roses. Okay, I admit, I am very bad in gardening or doing such a thing, but I like to see grass, roses, and butterflies. So, maybe I will hire a gardener to take care of my roses. Lol. And, in the middle of my garden, I will have a gazebo, made of bamboo. The gazebo doesn't need to be too big, it just need to be comfortable. There will be a round table made of wood inside and some cushions, so my family and I will have a good tea time there. And, yeah, I can bring my friends or colleagues, too.^^

My house will have a music room
Although I can't play any musical instrument, I want to have a music room. I want my children to play there so that their left and right brains will balance, not like mine. Haha. There will be a grand piano, a violin, a cello, a classic guitar, an electric guitar, a keyboard, a set of drum, and if possible, a harp. And I will introduce them to my childrens since they are young. They will not feel a regret like what I feel now since I know nothing about music. ;(

I will have a big bathroom
The bathroom will be as big as my bedroom, the lighting will be bright enough, and the room will be covered with white stones. I will apply aromatherapy in the room so that I can get a relaxing sensation. There will be a white bath tube with a lot of bottles contain body shampoo for me to get a bubble bath. Everything in this room must be clean and elegant. I believe that we can give a mark to a house from the bathroom since the most important and little things start here.

My house will have a gallery
I mean, a gallery of my collection will be a part of my house. Of course, it's not a gallery of Yoyo Cici since I am not a teenager anymore at that time. I plan to use this room to store and show the pictures I get while travelling around the world. Visiting each spot on this world is my dream and I will absolutely take pictures in any trip. So, this room will contain lot of photo albums of my trips and any souvenirs I get from each place. Some of them will be hung on the wall. And, all of my travelling memories will be treasured here.

I will build a stargazing spot
It will be such a kind of observatorium, but I don't dare to say so. The room will be at the top of my house. There won't be a big telescope there; a small one is enough. And I will learn to use it, really! Lol. The roof can be dragged so that the night sky will be exposed. Whenever I want to stargaze there, I will push a button so that all lightings around my house will be switched off. No light pollution and I can stargaze, find my Orion, Scorpio, Ursa Major, or Centaurus. Wow, I can't imagine how happy I will be if I have the place! ;)

And one thing I want very much
My living room will have a WALL
Do you get my point? I want a wall, like Facebook wall! My guests can write anything on my living room's wall. And it will be so great to see anyone of them gives me a mark. They will be remarkable forever.

My house will be beautiful outside and very user-friendly inside. Yeah, my dream house, which is nearly impossible to achieve in the real life. But it will always exist inside my skeleton. My dream house, my neverland.

Happy constructing!

U're the best I've ever had

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