Saturday, August 08, 2009


And here I am now, sitting in front of my screen to type all of this words in this post. I've come back to Singapore, I've got a room at NTU Hall 6, I've shifted all my stuffs into my new room, I've undergone all of my 3-month holiday, I've printed out some of my lecture notes, but I haven't been ready for the new academic year, the new semester.

But, whatever it is, I must face it!
- A new semester with new notes, new lecturers, new spirit
- A new double room with a new roomate
- A new task with a bunch of new committee (ICN yeah!)

Actually, I don't know what to write now. I've lost my intention to update this blog due to Plurk. I keep updating this social networking site while abandoning the other sites. Haha, I am really crazy to boost my karma and enter the nirvana. (Puzzled? Just sign up via that link and you will understand it by heart, LOL.)

And, really, now, I have no idea what to write.

Anyway, talking about a new semester, this is my fifth semester in Nanyang Technological University. Yeah, time sure flies so fast. Actually, I can still remember so clearly my first day here without realizing that I am not a freshie anymore!!! I am a third year student now. Oh, Gosh, I think in no time, my convocation will come. Noooooo, I am not ready for working life.

This semester, I will take six core subjects and one unrestricted elective subject. And guess, all of them are examable!!! So, I will have seven exams this November. Oh Lord, please help me go through all of these.

  • CV 3101 Structures II
  • CV 3201 Reinforced Concrete Design
  • CV 3202 Steel Design
  • CV 3301 Foundation Engineering
  • CV 3401 Transportation Engineering
  • CV 3501 Environmental Engineering
  • HMF1 French Level 1

I think this semester's subjects are tougher than before, so I have to fight, fight fight!!!

Happy new semester!!!

U're the best I've ever had

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