Thursday, August 20, 2009

A morning talk

More that 19 years ago, God decided me to be born as a girl, and whoolaa, here I am now, being a 19-year-old girl with a part of feminity and another part of masculinity. Yeah, I am not 100% feminime, of course, I am not those Aphrodite-type of girls whom others adore everywhere. LOL.

Like they say, human is hard to be satisfied, and so do I.

Why I should be thankful for being a girl:
  • I can wear so many cute skirts, of course!
  • No normal people will asks me to help them moving heavy stuffs here and there. (Okay, while some abnormal one will do)
  • No one will gossip about me when I spend more than half an hour in front of the mirror.
  • I can keep my hair long without looking as a freak rocker, yeah!
  • More than 50% of the shops inside a mall is targetting on female, and hey, I am female, yippie!!!
  • It's never been a problem for me to be this short. Moreover, short is cute, ma? ;)
  • I can wear lipgloss and high heels, I can spend several hours browsing on beauty catalogues, I can buy lots of cute handbags. Oh my, I just realize there are so many advantages for being a girl!!! Kyaaaaa. XD

But still, I am a human, and I am hard to be satisfied. :]

Why I hope I were a boy:
  • Boy doesn't have to deal with such a period problem: the pre-menstruation syndrome, the mood downturn, the leakage, the unsafe feelings for every month. Hey, yeah, this is really a discrimination between girl and boy!!!
  • No one will say a boy is crazy and gossip behind him when he is showing his interest towards a girl, while they will say a girl is 'murahan' or something when she does so.
  • It takes no time for a boy to forget his pain about love while it takes forever for a girl to weep over and over.
  • Boy doesn't need to worry about weight soooo much like girl does and moreover, boys' metabolism is faster, so they can eat freely. Whoaaaa.
  • There are much more boys in NTU!!!!

A great morning talk, huh?

Okay, chop chop, get back to reality.

To do list:
  • ICN Creative Director internal meeting
  • ICN meeting
  • N***o's birthday celebration
  • CEE Club election rally
  • Preparation for election
  • Union Day
  • Indosupper
  • Sell my Lenovo Y2000

Want to have list:
  • A Guess handbag cost S$159.00
  • A Charles&Keith shoes maybe cost more that S$40.00
  • A novel of Nicholas Sparks titled The Lucky One cost S$17++
  • An Apple Macbook plus an ipod touch cost S$ 1511.00
  • A Nokia E72 maybe cost more than S$350 with contract
  • Another Guess Handbag cost S$149.00

Do I need to have them all, acually? We both know the answer, but I still want them ALL.

And, MUST have list:
  • A copy of 393 page Red Handbook

Okay, this post is going out of control, now. Better stop it here or it will waste your time and also mine more and more.

Happy comparing!!!
Girls' rockzzzz!!!

U're the best I've ever had

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