Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh

I am sick now!!!

Yes, I am sick, litterally. I am really really sick that I am always be the one who is very friendly with any sicknesses. *sigh*

It hasn't been a week since I came back here, but I have been so sick of this life. I felt unhealthy since Friday evening, after I came back from the library. I think I am allergic with the library, LOL.

And now, I am here, with running nose, sore throat, dizziness, and sweats all over my body, trying to get connected to the world, but it seems like they are having fun somewhere else without bothering about internet and virtual world. *sigh again I am alone*

Ohmigod, I feel like a pig or something. After having my lunch, I had my medicine, then I went to sleep. It will continuously build a cycle and turn me into a real and fabulous pig. Oh, Gosh. Sleeping after eating is not a good idea. Hmphm. *sigh sigh sigh I will suddenly transform into a pig*

Happy birthday, Singapore!

- Get well before the start of the semester which is Tuesday
- Don't get swine flu or something scary illness
- Get a single room, of course

- Good medicines for all these sicknesses that sure can drive me crazy
- More chicklits
- More privacy
- Someone to calm me down and assure me that I am okay

To do:
- Clean this dirty and messy room
- Iron all of my clothes which is now lining on the dryer outside
- Refill my Shokubutsu moisturizing body foam
- Prepare my stuffs to start my new journey of education
- Be thankful for everything God has given me

Not to do:
- Stare at the screen for all day long
- Feel so lazy to start the school
- Make Strepsils my main food
- Transform into a real pig
- Curse my life: my messy double room, my friends, my roomate, my mom's XL number, my loneliness, my sicknesses, my everything

U're the best I've ever had

P.S. Sorry for the errors I've made in this post. I can't think about any grammar kinda thing.

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