Monday, July 27, 2009


It’s seven. Morning has just broken, my eyes have just opened, but my heart has been missing you so badly. I get up and rush into the shower.

It’s eight. The birds have been singing welcoming a new day, my ears have been listening to them, but my thought has been focusing on you. I stand on front of my closet and try to pick a dress.

It’s nine. The sun has been moving higher, too many outfits have come out from the cabinet, and I have been feeling so confused what to wear. I face the mirror and fit them one by one.

It’s ten. The sky has been so blue, the birds have stopped singing, but my brain hasn’t stop thinking about you and I sit in front of my bags collection and try to match my dress with each of them.

It’s eleven. The heat has almost been radiated completely, even the birds have decided to shade under the tree, but I am still shivering to imagine how I should act today. I see myself in the mirror and start applying my foundation.

It’s twelve. The clouds have disappeared, the shadows hide below everything, and I have been trying so eagerly to hide my nervousness. I take my chosen dress and put it on.

It’s one. The day has been so hot, the air has been so dry, and I have been sweating over and over. I sit on my bed and try so hard not to mess my face up.

It’s two. Afternoon has passed, the traffic out there gets busier, and I am also very busy with my thought about you. I pick one of my hair pin and start to comb my hair.

It’s three. The wind has been blowing so softly, people outside have been moving less stressfully, but I am still very stressed out. I look into my own eyes and give a final touch on my face.

It’s four. The evening has said a hello, more birds have come out and fly back to their nests, and I have come out from my little bedroom. I stand in front of my shoe rack and see which one will fit me today.

It’s five. The sun has been going down slowly, more people have been walking home, but I haven’t gone out even for a while. I sit on the sofa in the living room and wait for you with all of my patience.

It’s six. The sunset is welcoming the dark, the stars have been come out one by one, and I have been trying to count each of them just to kill the time. I go out to the terrace and stare at the road to find you and your smile.

Again, it’s seven. The dark has conquered the day, the moon has appeared, and I, with all of my hope, still wait for you to appear by my side. I stand by the road side and hope you will wave to me.

Again, it’s eight, it’s nine, it’s ten, it’s eleven, and it’s twelve. I keep waiting and waiting, but you never come. The day has changed, but I am still here, waiting and crying. I run back to my little bedroom and cry over and over.
You never come.
It’s never be a date without you.

U're the best I've ever had

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