Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A perfect getaway

I was too tired with my life. My schedules were too compact, my activities were too much, but my energy was limited. I had no time to take care of myself well. My brains always ran in its optimum speed and never took a rest, even when I was sleeping.

I had too many stacks of lecture notes and tutorial question sheets to study and review.

I had too many meetings and organisational activities to attend and join.

My body couldn't bear with my overload activities. I was overburdened!
That's why I needed a getaway.

And, yes, I had found the perfect escape.
National University Hospital.

I was there for about twenty hours and did nothing. I just let them continuously checked and monitored me and told them what I was feeling. Once in a while, either doctors or nurses would come and check my condition. Yeah, I liked the feeling when they came and showed they cared for me. LOL.

And for twenty hours, I did nothing except worrying about my headache. I was completely isolated from the world, and now I have come back from my perfect getaway without my perfect health.

Speedy recovery!!!

U're the best I've ever had

A million thanks for Prof. Xu Daolin, Mdm. Wendy Gwee, Yanchao, Denny, Win Di, Jesi, Valen, Yessy, and especially Andri!!! I love you all!!!

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