Sunday, February 27, 2011


February is going to pass soon. February 2011 has created so many things for me. I have felt everything during this short month: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, excitement, disappointment, spirited, surrendering, and broken-hearted.

I have become an adult in this month, but the celebration of my adulthood is a channel of tears flowing down and down. Guess, it was when excitement and disappointment came in one time.

I celebrated my first valentine's eve ever, but the valentine's day turns out blue and black. This is when happiness, sadness, and anger were mixed in my heart.

I got an offer from LTA, but in consequences, I should drop my dream to study in Imperial College. And this was when I felt both surprised, happy, and broken hearted. Both seemed so close to my grip but I was required to let go one of them.

I have joined CEE DnD committee and sure more problems will come in the future. Organizing such a big and prestigious event is not easy. But I am spirited!!!

And through this month, I have found out that some people have been talking bad about me, keep prejudicing me, and lie to me. It hurts so bad to find out this thing. I'm, again, broken-hearted.

March is coming soon and I hope my future life can be settled through the next few months. A place to stay, a good overall grade, a graduation trip, a memorable convocation. I want a good life.

U're the best I've ever had

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