Thursday, February 03, 2011

Rabbit Year

3rd February 2011 and this is the time to wish all of us a happy Chinese new year. Gong xi xin nian fa cai, shen ti jian kang, he jia ping an, wan se ru yi. :D:D:D

So, in this year of rabbit, I am doing something different with what I've done before. This year is my first time spending CNY away from home, this year is my first time not spending CNY with my family, and this year is my first time spending CNY with bf.

We went out for CNY Eve Dinner. yes, just two of us. Although we have tried to persuade others to join us, they just insisted that they didn't want to have dinner outside NTU. So, just two of us had our reunion dinner. The term is a little bit funny since reunion dinner is usually related to family gathering. But, uh, whatever.

And then, since we were in Marina Square and it was still very early when we finished our dinner, bf asked whether I would like to watch a movie. And, I thought, okay, since I've never done it before. So, there we were, watching Shaolin when people were just starting their reunion dinner. The movie was nice and worth to watch. I love Jackie Chan's movie. Yeyyyyy.

Since I haven't been in Singapore on CNY before, bf brought me to the floating platform at Marina Bay. There were some decoration set up there according to CNY theme. I was looking around and taking pictures while the rain suddenly dropped and other rain started to follow. It rained so hard till I was soaked from top to toe.

Actually I was happy, but I just want being in the same frame with bf. It has been too long since the last time we took picture together.

Happy CNY!

P.S. What to eat tomorrow?

U're the best I've ever had

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