Tuesday, February 08, 2011

So pity Indonesia

So pity Indonesia.
I don't know what's wrong with people in my country, but one thing I know for sure: God will not be happy for what they did by shouting His name.

They claim themselves as religious people. They shout out loud the name of their God. They think they breathe the name of their god. But they are just a school of immoral people. Heartless. Barbaric.

They brutally killed men that held different belief to theirs. And, what makes me feel more and more sad, they hit the man while shouting 'Allah hu Akbar'. My heart was torn apart at the very moment and I closed the tab. What did they expect? Their God said that they were good in killing others? Oh Man, this world is getting crazier.

And today, another group of people burnt down two churches and threw stones to another church in Central Java. Why? Just because they were not happy with the sentence demand the prosecutor read out. They got angry with the defendant's act of giving out some kind of leaflets. They said the content insulted their religion. And now, they insulted themselves by their acts. Did they feel happy after causing the riot? Would their God praise them for what they have done? No, i don't think so.

What is the point of having a religion when you are totally blind of spirituality? Is going to the church, mosque, and temple to praise God and pray and read the bible, al-quran, or any scriptures enough? Isn't having a good relationship with people and nature important? You may be getting an A in your knowledge of your religion, but if you still get a big F in your horizontal relationship courses, you will still have a FAIL in your transcript.

I'd rather seeing people with no belief in God but they take care each other so well. They respect each other, they walk hand in hand with others, they don't quarrel over everything.

So pity Indonesia. God, please tell your sons and daughters to behave. This world is already too hot without their brutal acts. God, please show them your true feeling about their brutality. I know You hate it. I also hate it. So please, guide us through this crazy time. Give us the enlightenment. Amen.

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Agree with what you mentioned...