Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A phone call

It's been a quiet and peaceful afternoon and you could find me in front of my computer waiting for the right time to knock off from the office.

I was doing my SAFE tutorial while I heard the vibrating sound of my phone. I thought it's something urgent since I rarely got any phone call during office hours.

So, I pushed the pick-up button.

Me: Halo?
Someone over there: Ahui, ah????
Me: *thinking* What????
Someone over there: Halo???
Me: *whispering since it's office man!* I think you call the wrong number...
Someone over there: *talk to someone else* Wo da zhuo hao ma leh...
Me: *considering to end the call since she's not talking to me anymore*
Someone over there: Oh, long lumber, solly ar...

Then the phone call was over.
She cut it off before me.
S***. She won. XD

U're the best I've ever had

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