Friday, March 12, 2010

The Plan

Life is getting more and more dull. Things are getting more and more predictable. I am sick of this routines, really. I want a thrilling adventure to go and voila, I'm in front of it!

Okay, maybe it's not really in front of me. But, it's already in my head.
Yeah, I will have a trip with my besties on the next August. It's five months from now, but I have started to save some money for this journey.

Journey to the center of Indonesia, that's what I call it. *Okay, actually I just started call the trip like this a second ago*

I don't remember who actually proposed to have a trip together. But I remember it's about last November we started to talk about this. That time, maybe some thought it was just a joke, so we didn't get further with the planning. I happened to lose my hope on this trip since all of us studied in different universities and each university had its own academic calendar. It was very hard to find a time slot that could suit all of us.

But, God led the way, I believe. Suddenly, Renni brought up this topic again. We discussed more seriously and got August as the time. Most probably it would be early August and we planned to go to Bali and spend about one week there.

As usual, things never go as smooth as the plan. We found that the air ticket to Bali was damn expensive and we had not enough money to cover all the expenditure there. So, then, Java Island will be the destination.

We will first head to Jogjakarta from Palembang, our hometown. About three to four day will be spent there before we rush to Bandung, the capital of the West Java. Another three days to be spent, then we will head to the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. We will be there for about two days before going back to Palembang. In total, it is nine days of full togetherness for us. Yeahhhh.

Nine days are not short, and of course, we need to spend money there. So, all of us are tighten our belts for this (hopefully) memorable journey. The problem is I am in the way of consumerism. At the moment, I want so many things: this and that, that and this. I must save. But how?

Okay, nevermind about my money. I am sure I can find a way out of this. Just pray for me and don't rob me. It's already very okay. Lol.

About the trip, I really really extremely feel very excited. Maybe I've been there before but this time will be very different. I will go with my besties and this will be my first vacation I plan by myself and I spend with my own money. OMG, I am so excited!!!

Yes, maybe we will not sleep in the hotels, maybe we will not get into the first class airflights, maybe we will not have dinner in the sophisticated restaurants, but we will sure have fun!!!

1. Kawah Putih
Kawah Putih is the volcanic terrace located 2300 meter above the sea level. I've never been to this place before, but I know it will be fun being there. I can imagine the beautiful scenery and the fresh air there.
2. Kebun Bunga
This is the place where you can really see 'green'.
3. Paris Van Java
A mall, yeah. But they say, you never go to Bandung if you don't go to PVJ. So, I will go.^^
4. Boscha
An observatorium. I don't know whether we can get in to this place, but I have been dreaming of stepping inside this building. And I will! Although we can't observe anything if we happen to go there during the sun shines, at least I will have seen this place.
5. Kampung Daoen
This is a restaurant with a very nice design of one theme. Everyone eating here will feel the comfort as they will eat in one small hut. They can walk around and enjoy the scenery or they can simply sit down and feel the ambience of the green.
6. Sapu Lidi
Another similar restaurant with one mentioned above. I've never been there but I believe it's also amazing!
7. Surabi
This is the traditional food and it's basically a Bandung pancake. It's cooked on the traditional charcoal stove in a traditional clay pot.
8. The Valley
This is a cafe located at the peak of Bandung. At night, this place will be very cold yet very amazing. You can see the scenery of Bandung from above. But the meal is expensive. Haha.
9. Kartika Sari
This is my favourite! The pisang molen and the brownies are so wow. I'll definitely get this back to Palembang. Haha.
10. Factory Outlet
This one shouldn't be missed. Shopping! No more comments. Hahaha.

1. Dunia Fantasi Ancol
This is actually Renni's will. I am quite reluctant to go to such a theme park, but whatever. Togetherness is the point, right???
2. Mangga Dua
Another shopping time. Hahaha.

Jogja's itinerary hasn't been finalized by Lisa. So, I will post it on the moment she tells me.
Java, I'm coming!!!

U're the best I've ever had

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