Friday, March 19, 2010


Later, I want to have a baby girl!

Yeah, looking at Kayra's photos made me wanna have a baby girl, of course, later, not now. Having a baby is not like having an iphone. You need more than to protect it with some cute sylicone or crystal case. You need to have enough physical and emotional preparation to deal with this.

But really, I feel like having a baby, a cute baby girl, of course.
  • When I give birth of her, I will give her the name 'Searra' which means 'famous'. I don't know from where I got the name, it just kept popping up in my mind some time ago.
  • When she turn one year-old, I will dress her in some cute outfits and comb her hair everyday. I will buy her some cute ribbons and hairpins.
  • When she turn four, I will bring her to the kindergarten. We will walk hand by hand and she will look very pretty with her school uniform and her new school bag.
  • When she turn twelve, she will come to me about her puberty problem and I will be the one in the house knowing this 'little secret'.
  • When she turn fifteen, she will start dating but she will be too shy to admit it. Of course, I will just pretend not to know. She is a teenager, Man!
  • When she turn eighteen, she will study very hard to enter university and I will support her whole-heartedly: being her friend when she needs an ear, being her teacher when she needs an explanation, or even being her nutricist when she needs good food.
  • When she turn twenty two, I will be the one crying in pride and happiness for her graduation.
  • When she turn twenty five, she will come back to me and ask for a solution for her working problem, I will definitely be her good friend.
  • When she turn twenty six and is in preparation of her wedding, I will be the one who is  busier than the bride and the groom. I will suggest to change any details that I think not good enough for her marriage party.
  • When she turn twenty seven and have the first big quarrel with her husband, I will hug and assure her that everything will be alright.
  • When she turn twenty eight and have her baby, I will be the happiest yet most talkative person in the world.

And then, I must get back to the reality. I am still twenty, Man!
Okay, weekend is getting nearer and nearer. My brain is getting more and more scattered.

U're the best I've ever had

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