Monday, March 08, 2010

This is your Day and I'm Very Happy

Two days have passed, but still, let me wish u a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY with all my heart. My best wishes for you, Andri Soenoyo.

The first time I knew him was when I entered grade XI in senior high school. I happened to be in one class with him for almost one year but I didn't know him better after the term ended. During the year, I only once had a chat with him during the break time and I totally forgot what I was talking to him that time. Haha.

And now, without any realization, I have known him much better than anytime, and I hope much more than anyone.

He is quiet. No, he is totally not quiet.
He always acts cool. Not really.
He likes game. No, he loves it.
He is protective. Yes, very much, to everyone he loves.
He never studies. He wants, but he cannot multitask.
He is a good guy. Absolutely.

Happy birthday, Dear. Hope you have a great start of your twenties and will be as good till you turn two hundred.

U're the best I've ever had

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