Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Plan II

As promised, I am going to post the plan for the holiday trip planning. I have finished my works today, and now this is the time for enjoying the remaining half an hour.

Jogjakarta, here I come!!!

1. Candi Prambanan
This is the biggest complex of Hindi temples in Indonesian. It consists of hundreds temples. A folklore is actually linked with this complex of temples. Just google Sangkuriang for more informations.

2. Candi Ratu Boko
This site is located three kilometer south of Prambanan. Both Buddhist and Hindu aspects can be found in this complex. Lisa said this was the best place to watch the sun setting.

3. Pantai Parangtritis
We will have our dinner here! Yeah, having a dinner with your besties surrounded by wave and ocean wind, do you need to ask for more? Parangtritis is a beach located 27 km from the centre of Jogjakarta and of course, this spot also has a very tight relationship with some myths in Indonesia.

4. Alun-alun Jogjakarta
Alun-Alun Kidul, that's what its name. It is located behind the famous Keraton Jogjakarta which will be explained in the later part. Night at Alkid will sure be a memorable night. Sitting and laughing together while feeling the wind breeze will be the things we will do, I think.

5. Candi Mendut
Another temple, yes. Candi Mendut is a Buddhist temple located at Magelang. This temple have a relationship with two other Buddhist temple at that area, namely Candi Pawon and Candi borobudur.

6. Candi Borobudur
Candi Borobudur, three kilometers west from Mendut. Together with Pawon, the three temples make a straight line in the map. And absolutely, this one is also a Buddhist temple.

7. Jejamuran restaurant
The place where you can only see mushrooms as far as you look. No more comment. Should be so yummy!

8. Ulen Sentalu
Ulen Sentalu is a Javanese art and cultural museum located in Kaliurang. I can't wait to see!!! 

9. Malioboro
Yeah, a place for spending your money. I think we will do a BIG shopping here. All the things are so cheap, they say.

10. Kota Gede
Literally, it means big city, but actually this place is an archeological site in Jogjakarta contains the remain of Keraton (palace), the graveyard, and the royal mosque of Mataram.

11. House of Raminten
A restaurant in a Javanese theme. Raminten means a girl who sells jamu, and yeah, the restaurant really serves jamu.

12. Keraton Jogjakarta
This is the palace of the king of Jogjakarta. Yeah, finally I will enter a palace, although I prefer a castle like that in fairy tale. Haha.

13. Bale Raos
I heard that this restaurant serves the favourite cuisine of the king!!!

14. Taman Sari
A water castle, Man. I cannot wait to come and feel the luxury. Hahaha.

15. Pantai Baron
Besides the beach, there is an underground river nearby. It is located 65 km from Jogjakarta. A long way to pass, I guess, but it must be worthed!!!

16. Bukit Bintang
How about seeing Jogjakarta from above???

I am 20 minutes late from my knock off time because of this!!!

U're the best I've ever had

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