Friday, April 30, 2010


Beautiful sunny Friday, and I wish I could be running at the beach, sitting under a tree in a park, or simply hanging out at Starbucks.

But, the fact is, I am trapped nowhere but this office. *sigh*

Friday comes and goes, but the Friday mood never changes for months. I always have no mood to do anything on Friday, simply because it's a Friday, a day when I start to feel the excitement of the weekend. Of course, today's laziness strikes me like usual Friday's laziness, and I haven't done anything from the first time I stepped into this office this morning. No one gave me any job and I didn't bother to ask for one. *naughty, huh? XD*

I have been so busy these days. Those Senior Engineers kept asking me to help them and sure, I was very delighted to be given the trusts. But the thing is my report is tangling me. It is really a burden, I must say. I know I should have started to work on it, but I was too busy to cope on the works, log book, report, facebook, and blog. And I was too lazy to open the document either after work or on the weekend.

And everytime I tried to compose the words for the report, I felt so depressed to imagine the response of my supervisor and suddenly I felt so small and unprofessional and stupid. Everytime I typed the a-z characters, I felt like surrendering and recomposing the whole report. Even now when I am typing about my report, I feel so depressed.

Then, is there a bright future for my report?
I don't know.

But anyway, tomorrow is another weekend!
Time flies so fast, I would have finished my internship in six week time. I am looking forward to the last day of my internship. I think the sadness will strike somehow. XD

U're the best I've ever had

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