Friday, April 16, 2010

Thanks Friday

6.41 am

Since I opened my eyes this morning, so many things came across my mind. When I was taking my shower, I thought to write this entry for pouring all those things.

6.42 am

Rain comes again, I guess. In one week, I have experienced two rains and I guess this morning will be the third. I hate rain. Yeah, I hate it with all my heart and soul, especially when it comes in the 'right' time.
Rain means water puddle. Rain means gloom. Rain means money loss to those ice cream seller. Rain means traffic jam. Rain means slower movements. Rain means mood swing.
Yesterday when I was passing through the rain to reach Lavender, I was really sure that I hated it. My shoes, my bags, even myself got wet. And suddenly, I thought, if I was in Palembang, I wouldn't need to get worried about the rain. I could just sit in the car and reach the destination without any raindrops falling on my head. And suddenly, I missed my home so much.

6.59 am

I guess this is the time for me to go out and face the world. I will continue once I reach the office.

8.59 am

I am LATE! Yeah, rain always messes everything up. I waited for the bus for about ten minutes, I waited for the MRT for about five minutes, the MRT stopped for a while before Jurong East Interchange, I reached Lavender at 8.30 am, the rain started to pour again when I was walking, the lift was so full when I arrived, and I got headache. S**t.

9.25 am

Where's my Semakau Island soil profile????

9.55 am

I wonder why people tend to hit their watch to the side of my table while passing by, It always made me surprised and to be honest, I hated it. It really made me 'jump' and think that someone was angry with me. And I don't know why it happened every time I was checking on my Facebook/Plurk, reading some forums, or blogging. Is that the sign from God that I should stop slacking?

11.12 am

I really think that I should try to be more thankful. I seldom feel satisfied with everything I have had. I always want more and more and I never get enough. Is it a strength or weakness? I don't know.
I never looked at the happiness he sent me, but I always protested against the things I didn't like about his treat to me. I am really selfish.
I need to learn to see the very small thing he always does to me and say a sincere thanks.

3.47 pm

A busy Friday and I like it. Despite the uneasiness in the very morning, I feel very happy today. I am happy for being surrounded by very kind colleagues. I am happy to know SJ. And she is trying to find a bird expert now! XD
4.02 pm

I can't wait for the Final Year Project List to be released. I want to see the list of projects, find my ideal supervisor, and work everything out for my future. Am I really sure with geotechnical engineering? Or should I choose another specialization? Should I pursue my master degree later? Will I be rich and happy? Will my dream come true???
Heaven knows.

4.45 pm

Thanks a lot to Huili! She bring some foods for me from 33rd floor. It looks like they are having a party while I am having my private party with Geoslope. XD.
And after she got back to her office, I checked my mail box and found this e-mail from Prof. Lim:
He is soooo sweet. So caring. And I love him!!!!
Love you both!!!! <3 <3 <3

5.46 pm
SJ said, "Next time join us lah!"
:) :) :)
I am delighted

10.19 pm

I was having a very good time with bf today, although we just did nothing in Jurong Point. We talked, we laughed, we had fun. The feeling that I didn't feel recently came back eventually. I am happy. :)
But, the censor for toilet, pantry, and laundry were spoiled AGAIN. I had to rush to the 4th level for having my shower, and guess, the water heater didn't work well!!!

U're the best I've ever had

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