Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sail and never fail...

Beers and parties we have together
Are really still not enough
There's more things to share
For us to stay tall and tough

We are young, we are free
But we're gonna get out from this spree

Some time later you will sail
To the coast you intend to reach
You can choose head or tail
None can direct your to one beach

People care for you and will always do
'Though you think they always corner you

They just care, they just want to shout
For you to be the strongest one
'Coz you are the creator of your boat
Not me, not them, not anyone

Work on your boat and reach your beach
From pieces of wood and nail
Make it strong and make it glitz
Glide on it and land on your isle

Give it your best shot
And God will grant you the brightest sun in the world

If you think I poke my nose too much to your life, I will just shut my mouth. I hope you can avoid being tangled inside your own problems. Take care!

U're the best I've ever had

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