Friday, October 24, 2008

And I will be fully consolidated

To be honest, until today, this minute, this second, this time, I haven't remembered all my venues for my classes. I still kept forgetting which tutorial room I should have gone Tuesday after my lunch, or Thursday after my COM 201 class, or Wednesday after my lab session. I still kept forgetting where I should have turned, right or left, after I finished my tutorial class and wanted to go to another class. I haven't remembered at all and it looks like I will end my third semester very soon. Is it the semester that walks too fast or is it just me whose brain is not that big? Lol.

Oh my, I cannot descripe my feeling right now. I am happy because in one month time I will sit on a cozy sofa in my home, giggle on phone with my old friends, and watch any TV channel I want, but, on the other hand, I feel really scared about exam. Yeah, exam. Exam, exam, and exam. And before exam's coming, I still have five quizzes waiting for me.

I have no time to start preparing for the exam since all the quizzes need my attention. Omigod, I think I couldn't understand what all the lecturers taught after recess and I forgot about all the lecturers taught before recess. Tuink. What the hell am I doing here? Just forgetting things, even the important one????

And another reason I couldn't start my exam preparation is that my commitment to other-than-studying things. I have this meeting, that event, this work, that work, and a bunch of between-important-and-unimportant things. Huhu.

I'm stressed out. Too much pressure.

Just recall my conversation through MSN with Ahin. I said that civil engineering was too tough and too stressful. All the things we study in this field is stresses. All about stresses. Stress, stress, and stress. Shear stress, normal stress, this stress, and that stress. MoM of course talked about stress all the way: force and stress, stress and force. Soil mechanics also brought up 'stress' in avery lecture. Effective vertical stress, pore water pressure (note, pressure is stress), and stress will cause consolidation. And guess, I really became stressed out because of this stresses. Lol.

"Too much stress. We will be consolidated very soon," I said.
And Ahin asked me, "When will be the swelling?"
"Of course," I replied, "When the stress is unload, holiday. Haha."

And I will be fully consolidated asap...

U're the best I've ever had


Things to do : 
1. STUDY!!!!
2. Watch High School Musical (should I???)

Things not to do:
1. Kaypoh through Facebook
2. Blogwalk
3. Worry too much

2 thoughts:

maria magdalena said...

saya jg belom siap apa2 nih exam. MoM jg gg, FLUID apalagi -__-

~'FeN'~ said...

gw MoM 4 AU... huhu... paling mengerikan itu...
soil jg ngeri...