Thursday, May 06, 2010

Another Danger

I was listening to my Laurel when I saw someone called me, "Xiao jie, xiao jie!". It was just in front of the Concourse, the place which I call 'office' since the past four months. I plugged my earphone out and greeted the man. I thought he wanted to ask direction or something. He was in his late twenty or early thirty, I guessed and I didn't think anything bad at all.

Him: I want to ask you for a help
Me: Ya?
Him: Wah, you wear contacts? So pretty.
Me: *silent*
Him: I have lost my wallet. Now, I cannot go home. So, I would like to borrow from you some amount of money, about S$10 or 20. I will leave you my mom's phone number and tomorrow I will give it back to you.
Me: *speechless*
Him: You are still working here tomorrow, right?
Me: Sorry, I don't have enough money. I don't hold cash.
Him: You don't have a S$10 cash?
Me: Don't have, sorry.
Him: Is there any ATM in this building
Me: Don't have.
Him: Or else, you go to the ATM and draw some money to lend me.
Me: Hmm, sorry, I think cannot.
Him: Oh, I will not harm you. I will just walk behind you. Really, you don't need to be afraid.
Me: No, you better find another person.
Him: Please, help me.
Me: Sorry.
Him: (a bit angry) Bang mang yi dian lah!

Then, I walked as fast as I could towards my destination with my heart thumping and my body shivering. I was so scared. I was afraid he would do something rude to me since I didn't give him the money he asked. I didn't dare to look back. I just walked faster until I reached Lavender.

I messaged mom and bf in an instance. Mom called me afterwards, asked me to keep praying and be thankful that I didn't get my money robbed or anything worse. She reminded me not to talk to strangers that easily. She sounded so panicked and I knew she felt what I felt. Bf just reluctantly listened to my story. He said as long as I was okay, it's no need to get panicked. He acted cool but I was quite sure he was feeling worried too.

I was so thankful that I was surrounded by those loves. But, I was so confused why I kept meeting crazy strangers these days. Was it me who started to feel paranoia, I started to think.


U're the best I've ever had