Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"And Shrek kissed the princess. Finally they lived happily EVER AFTER!"

I have watched the final chapter of Shrek's life until he really found his happily-ever-after-ending. And I should say, it has satisfied me. The story told us about Shrek who suddenly felt that he wasn't an ogre anymore. No one was afraid of him and he felt like getting back to the time when people still thought he was so scary. He finally threw his temper during his children first birthday party in FarFarAway Land.

Then he met Rumpel, a magic deal maker and they agreed to changed one day from Shrek's past with a day when Shrek was still a monster. Then, to his surprise, Rumpel took the day when Shrek was born. So, he wasn't exist anymore. No people knew him, even Donkey and Fiona. And Fiona in this another world was so different with Fiona that Shrek got married with. He struggled from the scratch to make Fiona fall in love with him and give him a true love's kiss. That's the only way to get away from the agreement.

And he, without his realization, fell in love once more with Fiona.

Guess I have spoilt part of the fun. So, do watch it to complete the other half! :P

One of my friends said in a quite sarcastic tone that inspite of the visual technology, Shrek offered nothing. And I totally very very disagree!

Let's try to see deeper and realize that cartoons actually give us moral messages as much as any other movies. The thing is just the childish packaging. They just make it suitable for kids and pack it in a fully funny and entertaining way. And some people have the mindset that cartoons are just for kids with napkins and diapers.

But for me, there's no 'TOO OLD' for cartoons.

And, what did Shrek teach us, by the way?

#1 Your prince charming doesn't need to be physically 'charming'

#2 The physical appearance doesn't determine your happiness

#3 Friendship can turn differences into solidarity

#4 Love doesn't consider money, authority, or even SIZE

#5 A neverending happiness sure exists

So, do watch and find your fairy tale inside!!!

U're the best I've ever had

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