Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Industrial Attachment

Blog spamming!!!
And everybody knows, when I am flooding my blog with soooo many unimportant posts, I am stressed out.

I start to feel that 24-hour is not enough for me. I have so many things to do with so little time. I spend my time for at least 9 hours in the office, provided I don't work overtime, which is not that true since I always went back late for these two weeks. I spend my time in MRT and bus or walking for about three hours a day. I sleep for minimum 6 hours at night. I take a bath for total 1 hour, let's say.
And I only have 4 hours a day for other things!

When is the time for doing the report?
When is the time for slacking?
When is the time for calling mom?
When is the time for more sleep?

And really, I hope more than 12 numbers to mark the watch.

But, being engaged in this Industrial Attachment, especially in AECOM Singapore, is a blessing for me. I am thankful, really.

And I will enjoy every minutes left for me to spend here. I will enjoy for the works they give me, whether it's too technical or just the reverse. I will enjoy the time after 5.30pm I spend for finishing the work. I will enjoy the rest little allowance the company gives me. I will enjoy walking from Lavender to the office. I will enjoy holding the access card. I will enjoy the cold the air conditioner sends me. I will enjoy this always-not-responding computer. I will enjoy the hawker centre. I will enjoy everything and be thankful. Yeah, everything. EVERYTHING. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Before I started the internship, I was afraid I couldn't get into the environment. When I first entered this internship world, I was afraid I couldn't work well. After a few weeks of internship, I felt I didn't contribute for the company. But now, in this spot, I stand here, looking back, I know I have grew during these months. I communicate better now, I dare to decide now, I contribute more now.

AECOM sure has given me a part of puzzle to complete the drawing of my life. I learn, I grow, and later, I will bloom like a flower.

I remembered talking to Huili that everyday I came to the office to count the hours to pass. When we finished our lunch, we felt so happy that we only needed to count for 4 more hours before we could pack our stuffs and head back home. Sometimes we even e-mailed each other to count the time down as if we were waiting for the new year to come. But now, I don't count the time down anymore. It just passes, no, it flies!

Yeah, it flies, flies me to this point where I have only six weeks to complete my role as an NTU intern. I am so happy to be given this chance to have an internship in an international scale company.

I am happy...

...to meet those great people, especially SJ and YY. They set me a benchmark for my future: I want to be like them, being a successful engineer although my gender is F.

...to have a friend sharing the same fate with me in this company. I will remember these five months with you for five lifetimes or more.

...to learn how to use PLAXIS, GEOSLOPE W/, GOLDEN SURFER, and to get more knowledge about MICROSOF EXCEL. I have more things to be written in my CV.

...to enjoy two buffets, one BBQ, one movie premiere, one kind of fruits each month, and to get one landyard of AECOM. I've got my souvenirs enough.

...to have a chance to fall in love once more with Geotechnical Engineering. I love my job.

These six weeks, I will capture every moment I can and store them forever in my heart. This is the start of my career and I should end it beautifully *with an A :)*

Happy IA!
IA is my key to the success :)

U're the best I've ever had

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