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To : All Students on Industrial Attachment

11 JANUARY 2010 TO 12 JUNE 2010

Final Assessment by Organisation Supervisor (DPA/51)

The final assessment on your performance in industry is an important assessment that has to be submitted by your organisation supervisor to your NTU tutor during his/her visit before 28 May 2010.

For your interest, we would like to suggest that you remind your organisation supervisor to complete the DPA/51 form and ask him/her to give it to your NTU tutor during his/her visit to see you. Please note that students are not allowed to handle Form DPA/51.

Final Report on Industrial Attachment (DPA/53)

The final report on your Industrial Attachment must be submitted to your NTU tutor by 28 May 2010 or an earlier date specified by your NTU tutor. Please arrange with your NTU tutor for the timely submission of the report. You are required to clear your report with your organisation before submitting it to your tutor.

The guidelines for your final report are on Page 13 to 17 under "Reference Information and Rules & Procedures During IA" in the StudentLink. Although a hard cover binding is preferred, you are allowed to use other forms of binding as long as they are presentable and functional. The IA final report will be returned to you before your graduation from NTU.

After the submission of the final report, you are required to continue with your attachment until 12 June 2010 or the extended date specified in the student’s leave approval letter from the Office of Academic Services or the re-assignment letter/email from our office. No early release will be allowed. (The end date may vary for students on GIP and students who started their IA late.)

Please note that to pass your Industrial Attachment, you have to fulfill the required IA period and pass all the three assessment components, namely ‘Logbook and Oral Interview (DPA/50)’, ‘Work in Organisation (DPA/51)’ and ‘Final Report (DPA/53)’.
Loh Pui Wah
Industrial Attachment Steering Committee

I received the mail yesterday, and suddenly I realized that I had only a very limited time. My report and logbook need to be submitted before 28th May 2010, which is three weeks later. Before that, I need to let my supervisor check on both of them. So, I need to rush and finish them a week before.

But, even before I see any bright path in front of me, my brain has wandered to a heaven which I call HOLIDAY!

So, my holiday will start unofficially on 28th May 2010 when I am free from the burden of report and log book.

To open my 'holiday', I will go to the Cathay to watch the premiere of Prince of Persia. Thanks a bunch to the EE Committee who arrange this movie premiere session. Cheers for you all! Cheers for AECOM!!!

It's so happy to imagine those holiday times. And now, I feel HOMESICK.  :(

Right after my internship, I will move out from the hall and get back to Jakarta. My family will wait for me there to have our vacation. This family I mention is not only my closest circle family. I will have a trip with my mom, my dad, my brother, two of my aunts, my uncle, three cousins, one cousin in-law, one niece, and one nephew. A huge group vacation, huh? And we will drive in Palembang-Jakarta-Bandung-Sarangan-Bromo-Jakarta-Palembang trip! Yeah. I am looking forward it although it will be more exciting if bf joins us. :)

Then, I will be going back home and (hopefully) do everything I have planned in mind.

1. Swim more
I miss swimming! I know I have been leaving swimming pool for a very long time and suddenly there's an urge inside me to get back to pool and play with the water.

2. Jog more
I have tried to run every weekend since three weeks ago and I enjoy it. I hope I can continue running in Palembang although I know it's a bit tedious since I need to drive to the stadium when the sky is still pitch dark.

3. Go to gym
This is my promise with bf. Oh no, this is bf's promise to me. We both need to cut down some (oh, yes, a lot) fat here and there. Haha. I want to remove excess fat in my belly and arm, especially. >.<

4. Learn to apply some make-up
I am really eager to learn to be familiar with lipstick, mascara, blush on, eye shadows, foundation, and those make-up thingy. Until this state when I have a big 2 as the first digit of my age, I don't know how to apply mascara. Next year is the graduation year and I will have more events to attend, so I should hold some basic knowledge about this thing. Yosh!

5. Change my hairstyle
I feel my hair is very messy nowadays. It's getting thicker, I realize, but I just feel like it doesn't look nice: either too long, too wavy, too this, or too that. I feel like cutting it off, or get smoothing, or make it curly, or trim it a little bit and highlight it. Let's see later what I will do to this little girl. XD

6. Prepare myself for TOEFL Test
I felt like taking TOEFL Test since I had the thought of continuing my study overseas. To study during holiday term is sure not a good idea, but this is  for my future, for a bright one. I hope I have a very stiff will to study. Ganbatte!!!

7. Have another trip to Java
This is a plan since long long time ago and I hope this wish is granted to us. :)

Happy holiday all!
Create your own heaven in your holiday!

U're the best I've ever had

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