Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

Again, it's FRIDAY! And today, I have no mood to do anything. And even my computer, I guess, also has no mood to do anything. When I input the corrected parameters for my barrette piles, columns, slabs, and everything, they just didn't appear in the PLAXIS calculation mode. I tried to click everything, but the stubborn wrong parameters were just too stubborn to make their way out of my sight and let the correct new parameters appear. After I gave up, I went to SJ's table and asked her about this matter.

And, very paiseh! When she came to my table and simulated the procedure I did to change the parameters, those stubborn wrong parameters suddenly disappeared. Maybe they were too shy to see a cute lady in front of them. XD

And now, my PLAXIS is running, but I cannot run away from this busy Friday. There will be a BBQ party my company holds tonight and my cousin and nephew are in Singapore now. I want to jump straightaway to the evening and go to one of them to have fun. I still don't know which one I want to choose, but I will sure have fun tonight.

I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good good night...

Yeah, and since several days ago, I am in an urge to read a good book! That's why I pick up 'The Lost Symbol' from my shelf and re-read it. I have read all Dan Brown's book twice. Yeah! And I cannot wait for the next amazing book from him.

And thanks to Huili that told me about the Popular closed sale tomorrow. I think I will be going and find one book to read during the spare times before my departure to Indonesia.

I love book. I love book. I love book.
I looooooove BOOK.

U're the best I've ever had

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