Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot outside, burning inside

People say that God only gave one mouth for humans so that we can read more, listen to surroundings more, and help more.

But now, I understand. Even with only one mouth, people tend to misuse it and create trouble. What will the world be like with two mouths in each person? Double trouble? Haha.

My mom always taught me to think before talking, not to offend people with my words, and never throw any unpolite words from my mouth. Yeah, sometimes I was out of the boundary and said something that I regretted later. But, I really put my best effort not to hurt others by my mouth since I believe that I will get my karma if I do so.

And today, I think I got my karma for the n-th time. Another series of words hit me and another hard feeling came out as the result. I don't know whether I am the one who is too sensitive or some people just really couldn't hold their mouth.

I know I shouldn't ruin my amazing journey, that's why I chose not to throw my tantrum and keep quiet to let my heart cool down. I convinced myself that I didn't need the apology to forgive the person. It will just waste my precious energy to wait for an apology from a person that doesn't even know how to control his/her own tounge. I will just let any tantrum to evaporate and be absorbed by the thin air in the sky. I will forgive the person, but I will not forget today.

Thanks to bf whom I reached as soon as I reached my computer. Even without his words, I felt lot of relief by telling him what I felt. He told me not to let this small thing distract me. People are just envy you, that's what he said. I know it wasn't true. But at least I felt more secure. Thanks, Dear!

And a huge thanks for a friend! I owe her. She noticed me and I was so touched when she asked me what happened. I almost cried in front of my computer. Haha. She told me to forgive like people forgive me and of course, like God always forgive my sin. And then, He will praise me as magnanimous. :) :) :)

Btw, magnanimous is completely new vocabulary for me. Double thanks!!!

U're the best I've ever had

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