Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's been so long since I haven't written randomly in this blog, so here you go.

#1 Foolish
It's been coming into my mind all day long, how I have been fooled by people around. I thought about them and they hardly let me come into their considerations. I thought about their feelings so often, but they just did whatever they liked without even asking a single will-she-be-alright-if-I-do-so question. So sad. And now after they finished messing with my life, they spreading gossips about me. I have been fooled and I am definitely a fool.

---back to lecture notes---

#2 Mouse
My mouse is having a severe illness now. Sometimes, most of the time when bf is around, she (yes a she!) is able to wander here and there, playing with me so cheerfully. But, at other times, she is just so cold and unable to do anything. She doesn't shine! And I am really sorry for her. Maybe she will rest in peace in near future.

---sleepy, but lecture notes, here I come---

#3 Returning
Yeah, although I have said that I wouldn't go back during my December holiday, I will still do so. Such a big mouth, huh? Due to one thing and another, I decided not head back to Indonesia during Chinese New Year. Instead, I will have my last holiday for 14 days from 25th December 2010 to 8th January 2011. And if God permits, I wish I could go on a trip my my family during CNY period. If it's really impossible, having the first CNY with bf is not a bad idea, after all. The bad things are just no pineapple cookies, masuba, lapis legit, pempek, and hong bao.

---example in the lecture notes---

#4 Layden
Layden is a little bit sick also. I'm afraid she will die soon also. Too many times she couldn't respond well and too many times I have been forced to unplug the cable. Oh Man, I want her to be just alright.

---close the lecture notes---

#5 Blank
Suddenly, I forgot what to write although deep inside I know that I still have some thoughts to share with you. So, I think this is called acute sleepiness. I need my antibiotics: sleep. So, good night!!! :):):)

U're the best I've ever had

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