Sunday, October 24, 2010

What A Day!!!

Helping bf to shop was FUN!!!

  • Woke up before 6
  • Ran in the middle of the haze
  • Saw an old man scolded people over and over in the MRT just because he wanted people to get up and give the priority seat to HIS BELONGINGS
  • Went to various book shops to find TOEFL Test Guide Book and bought nothing
  • Went to Kwan Im Temple and got pushed by an idiot middle-age woman when I was worshipping
  • Walked a long long way with bf to reach Prinsep Street and find Strictly Pancake
  • Had a super sinful dessert time with a shared stack of chocolate pancakes with chocolate ice cream, homemade chocolate, and strawberries
  • Found that the excavation of Bras Basah MRT was sooooooo deep that maybe they kept the struts remaining intact with the wall
  • Went to Vivo City and helped bf to buy a tie, polo tee, and something secret for little sister
  • Discovered my wet clothes hanger when I got back room and realized the west rained so hard when I was sweating in the central
  • Failed to practice the TOEFL mini test since my computer didn't respond so well and froze over and over till I wanted to cry
  • Doing the copy-paste repetitively to back-up my precious files

Oh what a day!!!
And this is today's moments:

I love this photo very much!!!! Thanks a bunch to the mirror besides our table :)

The super sinful pancake >.< but it's niceeeeeee

The excavation is so deep, huh? I wonder how the engineers' feeling right now :P

Page One in Vivo City and I love the interior design!!! Cozy :):):)

U're the best I've ever had

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