Friday, February 13, 2009


For the sincere one,
This is the time to send you my deepest gratitude

Very thankful that I have you besides me when I am bleeding once again
The fake stabbed me and you were there, taking care of me, after I have lost almost everything

Again, I am bleeding
I am scared, really
Very scared like the last time
But now, I have one extra power, I have you

Sincere one,
This world is really fake, but our friendship is not

It will grow, like a flower
It will flow, like a river
It will shine, like the sun
It will show us how to be a real friend

Once I said, "I'd rather geting nothing than getting something not sincere,", I really meant it
And I know, you understood

Because, you are not fake

Thank you

U're the best I've ever had

*dedicated to someone I've just found to be my real friend*
*i hope you won't leave me and open my scar one more time*

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DELLI said...


Win said...

Wah,, baru terbaca e ini..

Damn good..
Keren wong yang bantu kau tuh.. hahaha..
Ckmn la kalo dio baco ini. hahaaha