Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All random things keep popping up in my mind

Get Together Day 11
I just saw one post in NTU public folder. All the committee for Get Together Day 11 have been selected. Congrats to you all. Ganbatte!!!

This evening, my headache became much more severe and I felt like vomiting. While I played with my pain, it was raining so bad. And, you know, I found rainbow after it stopped. Really, everything has its own secret. Everything will be amazingly beautiful at the right time, right place, and right moment.

A little realization
I am always be the one left out.

A piece of poet
Hadirmu bagai debu. Kau datang tanpa kuminta, bersama semilir angin sore. Kau pergi begitu saja, bersama angin malam yang kejam. Kau sisakan sedikit noda untuk kubersihkan, tapi itu tak mudah. Ingin rasanya aku kembali ke garis start, dan jika bisa, aku tak mau bertemu denganmu.

This recess week, actually we have one week break, but I feel bad during these precious time of break. Hix. My CEE friends and my fellow Palzzzntu have been planning for outings, but I am not sure whether I can attend. My migraine makes me suffer. I need to go somewhere to refresh my mind, but I am not in a mood to move from this remote place. Oh, my headache, please, don't bully me

A big dream of future
I want to graduate with good grades. I want to find a good job. I want to bring my parents to Europe. I want to travel around the world. I want to seek a good guy. I want to have a beautiful house with such a garden outside. I want to have some cute children. I want to be a successful person. I want to spend my time writing after I have retired. I want to see my children get married before I die. Hey, wake up.

Some hedon wishes
- a pair of new sandals or shoes
- a new bag
- a new handphone with good sounds
- a pedometer
- a healthy body
- a fresh and brand new life

A simple taught
I am selfish, I admit. Too childish, also.

U're the best I've ever had

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