Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lalala 27022009

The birthday girl
Us at Vivo City

Yesterday was one of the best day ever!

I remember, all Palzzzntu's outing always turned out to be grumbling arena, where one disliked another's orders or plans. But, yesterday, it just turned out to be perfect, for me. Hahaha.

Yeah, the start wasn't too good, when we -Henny, Delli, Denny, Asun, and I- were destined to be the very first one arriving on Jurong Point, the place where we should have met at 11.30AM. We arrived there at around 11.45AM and found noone on time. We tried to hog three table and, of course, failed. Muahahaha. We just chit-chatted and talked like crazy while waiting for others. Not too long after, Jefry came and made us become six.

Yeah, I admit, I felt like this outing would turn to be like usual outing, full of grumbling and hatred, or even almost fighting. But I was wrong, although I felt bored waiting for them to come one by one. Rudy, Acoy,and Wilson, Win Di and Agung, Ahin and Nicos came at almost the same time, maybe around 1PM or something.

Then, we had our lunch in a rush (okay, not really in a rush =P) and took the MRT to Vivo City to watch K20. There, Andre was waiting for us. Actually, at that time, my mood for doing anything really went down. I felt like vomiting and my pain came back. I felt my diafragma a little bit painful, also. So, I just let them do the ticket purchasing and everything. 

I went to Mini Toons to release my tension and I found a Cici's handphone accesories. It's so cute and I couldn't resist the temptation to have it. It's expensive, but I just couldn't help falling in love with it. I bought it. And I saw one Yoyo's mug and I also wanted to have it. But, but, but, it's actually expensive for a small mug. So, I tried to throw the will away. I don't know how much money I have wasted for collecting those monkeys, but I love them. Hihi.

Then we went to IP Zone to watch Andre spend his 'unlimited' money. Hahaha. 

You know, we found some 'mess' after.
1. The tickets bought were all in the same row, F3 to F16, except F9. It's so funny. We had 13 seats, all in one row, and one person in the middle. Muahahaha.
2. We counted wrongly how many of us would be watching. We had thirteen of us came from NTU, two walked away at Outram Park to donate blood before watching the movie, one had been waiting in Vivo City but wouldn't watch the film, and two would come late. We just bought 13 seats, but the people would be watching are 15. We were short of two tickets! Then, Wilson queued again to buy another two (separately and got separate seat also). One in row H and one in row E. So funny.
3. After Wilson bought the last two tickets, we just realized that the first 13 tickets had been priced wrongly. The ticketing girl charged us S$8.50, but it should have been S$8.00. So, we went to the manager and he gave us back the money after the movie. Haha.
4. The showing time was due, but Rudy, Acoy, Gunawan, and Power hadn't arrived yet. We tried to call them like mad. Muahahaha.
5. We drew our seat to make it fair. It was based on luck who would sit separately, who would sit in the middle, and who would sit at the edge of the row. It's the first time I drew for having a seat in cinema. Haha.

And the film wasn't too good, but wasn't to bad also. It was still around the boundary, I think.

The next agenda was going to Orchard, having ayam penyet while celebrating Henny's birthday. And we made such a noise there. I thought other customers felt like crazy because of us. Haha. 

The journey back home was also interesting.
The MSN and FB chat after the day was more interesting, though.

Ah, yesterday was just perfect.
I forgot about my pain for a while, and now my mind had been refreshed.

Time for study.

Quote of the day:
Expect the unexpected

U're the best I've ever had

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~'FeN'~ said...

Eh berubah pikiran. Time 4 watching bride wars. Hahaha.

DELLI said...

aku yg temui cici itu...
ngaku2 kw...

DELLI said...