Saturday, April 18, 2009

19th April

Win Di
19th April 1990
Nanyang Technological University
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Specialized in Power

Celebrating birthday in the middle of hectic exam period, that's what Win Di needs to bear with every year. 

But, hey, whenever it falls, it's still called a birthday, right?
So, still, I should wish him A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

18 years have passed and he has grown up from a little kid to be a real guy. I have known him since we were in Junior High School. No, no, no, actually, I had met him before we entered Junior High. I think the first time we met was the time when each of us represented our own school in Lomba Bidang Studi.

Time flies so fast. Seven years being his friend, and now, I think, I know him deeper and deeper. He's the only guy that I am not afraid to be close to. Actually, he's not 'a guy' anymore in my eyes. Lol.

So, now, this post is really dedicated to him, the birthday boy!

First, who is Win Di in my eyes?
He is:
- my friend since junior high
- my mid-day partner
- my CreamPuff (this is his nickname I gave ^^)
- my debating opponent
- my trashbin for some 'things'

Second, what are the things 'very Win Di'?
- He insists that his name is 'Win Di' although we always call and write his name as 'Windi' without space. Lol.
-  He always says to everyone that he wants to start finding love when he has already reached 21. So, 2 years to go, Win. Haha.
- He likes to voluntarily help people. He can't see people in trouble and he will be the one moving to the front line and give his hand.
- He sleeps a lot during lecture (I watched this attitude almost everyday last year, and now, I assume that he hasn't changed) but seldom sleeps well during night time. 
- His brain is sure very BIG. Yeah, he is able to understand anything very easily, from his own courses to other's courses also, and he is willing to teach others. Nice!
- He always has a big curiosity about everything. He likes to know every issues, especially science and kaypoh-ing others' stuffs. Haha.
- He loves math very much. Want some proofs? Just see his e-mail address. Haha.
- He likes to sing, but he usually sings in his own way, a very terrible way. He changes all the tones and most of the lyrics. =P
- He is so talented in making excuses. He doesn't want to be pushed to the corner, although he is the one who is wrong. 
- His room is very messy! *Sorry to open up your top secret, huh?
- He is a great listener, a good advisor, and a fabulous friend.

Third, what are the things that change along this year?
- He is much more hardworking. He studies sooooooo hard and it seems like neverending.
- He visits my blog very frequently now. I don't think he bothered about what my blog URL was last year. Haha.

Last, what are my wishes?
- Manage your money!
- Find a true love!
- Clean your room!
- Be more mature!
- Sleep well!
- Don't always be late!

Win, I cannot give you any present, but, really, I wish you a great years ahead. I hope you can get what you are dreaming about. You will shine, I am sure. After this long journey, you will find your path: your career and your loved one. And you will be married, have some children. At the end, you will find your own happily ever after ending.
I am very happy that I know you.
I am very delighted to be your friend.
I am very proud having a buddy like you.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!^^

U're the best I've ever had

6 thoughts:

~'FeN'~ said...

setuju nian ak...^^
semuanya setuju.
happy bday jg win di...
very best wishes for u, my fabulous friend

~'FeN'~ said...

hahahahahha,fen mantab nien,aku samo shocknyo cak deli,buka2 muncul poto..ahaha
eh fen dio suka tahu samo telok kan, tu la mukonyo mirip tahu tu,pengen dibecek2,ancuri.hahahaha....
apo yg u tulis tu fakta yg indah fen
aku kiro cuma aku dewek yg mikir dio hobi bikin excuses.ahahahah.
hppy birthday o,win
wish u all the best
mokaseh la kaw ke fen2 nah,capek dio,nulis ttg u,seminim mungkin yg jelek2nyo hahahaha. lagi ultah be u,dak byk ngato u la.peace.

~'FeN'~ said...

Nah iyo, lupo tulis soal tahu n telok...
Padahal la inget pas berencana nulis ini...

Kurang e jelek2nyo masih...
Kamu tambahin la sini...

Dio lagi ultah, da bole marah...


@ Delli: ***** tuh apo?

Trus ngapo jadi pada ucapin di sini nih? Hwhwhwhw...

Happy birthday, Win!

~'FeN'~ said...

wow.. I'm really2 appreciate your testimonials, fen.
It's Very nice... Thankiuuu.
Wishes kau tu setengahnyo udah dijalankan. Cool.
Asli aku idak buat excuses ooo, man never use excuses. itu tu kan kenyataan emang,. hehe
yeah 2 years to go, time flies so fast, now i'm scared i couldn't get one. hahaha

Oh ya, my room isn't that messy la. Only a litle bit, namanya juga lelaki. hahaha

Thanks nian fen.. Gud luck jg examnyo.. ^^

@jesi: bah, dibeceki, gek kau aku ngato terus. hahaha
@Valen: thankiuu len. Jangan setuju galo oo. Ada yang tidak benar itu. hahaha

~'FeN'~ said...

@ Len: Maksud Win Di tuh, bagian yg dio bukan guy tuh na, dak bener, len... dio lelaki tulen...

@ Win: Samo2, Win...
Jangan lupo traktir...

~'FeN'~ said...

ak setuju galo kog. sampe yang guy2 tu setuju jg ak.
kejelekanny y, ida pernah traktir ak pas ulang tahun ato gaji pertamo ato sejenisnyo..