Monday, April 13, 2009

These words are just stuck here

I am always running all this long and now I think of resting. Is it okay if I rest myself on your chest?
Do I dare to lean my head there? Or should I just turn back and continue to run away?
I am exhausted, but I am afraid to wake up and find myself back to loneliness.

Berlari aku, menjauh dan menjauh
Berlari aku, menjauh dari hatiku

There are lots of possibilities, but the only thing I know is that I will never fall for you and you will never fall for me.
I bring the fear with me everytime and now, I realize, only when I'm interacting with you, the fear disappears.
We'll be best friends forever.

Life is not fair, but I am sure what comes in will balance to what goes out. Every effort I put in will count for what I will get at the end of this round. Sometimes I feel like crying, sometimes I think of surrendering, sometimes I tend to give up, but deep inside my heart, I want to be the last standing on the arena, beating my own self.

The real champion is not the one leading at the beginning, but the one who is smiling at the end.

I tried so hard to see things on your spectacles, I attempted so badly to walk on your shoes, I struggled like mad to love you for the way you are. But, you never put any effort to think like I did, and when you felt enough with me, you just flew away.
You took away my wings.

Please, give me back my wings, so that I can continue flying.
Please, give me back my wings, so that I can sing in the sky.

See me fly
I'm proud to fly up high

Lost. I have lost inside this labyrinth. I even don't know who you are now. At one second, you are a very cute and nice to me, at another second, you have more that enough reasons to burst my anger. You keep doing things I hate, and you know exactly I don't like them. I feel like we have been torn apart so far away. 
Where's your promise? I've told you before, promise me nothing.

Janji memang dibuat untuk dilanggar, kan?

I have opened for you another chance. Please, keep it pure. We are friends.
I really don't tend to mislead you.

Teman adalah untuk selamanya.

Masih saja saya di sini, blogging dan blogging.
Mohon maaf untuk postingan tak bermutu beberapa hari ini. Saya sedang diserang sindrom menjelang exam: mood jungkir balik, panik bukan main, pikiran tak jelas mengarah ke mana, ingin menulis tapi tak tahu harus menulis apa.

Akhirnya, yang tertuang di lembar ini hanyalah kata-kata yang berputar di pikiran saya beberapa hari ini tapi tak mampu menemukan jalan keluar.
Kata-kata itu terjebak sempurna di dalam rongga kepala saya hingga saya membukakan sebuah lorong sempit buat mereka.

U're the best I've ever had

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~'FeN'~ said...

It's okay for me. The problem is you yourself, do u dare to do that??

Who says that I'll never fall for you? Don't use your feeling to judge ^^

This is just my opinion, life is really" fair

This one I don't know. No comment. But still, never use your feeling to judge what the others feel

As for this case, I think you should have a talk to 'you' about this problem. If I = 'you' then you don't have to do that since I've read this already
Again, if I = 'you' then it will goes forever

I know that you're a good friend for all your friends

In conclusion you can't use your feeling to judge others'
If you really want to know what they feel then just ask them

Those feeling are also quite '...' in my head
Mixed together and hardly get out of there
Nonetheless, don't think too much about those things too much for now, just concentrate on your exam preparation


~'FeN'~ said...

fen, ak pernah merasakan yang kaw rasakan...
smangat2.. jangan di mbe ati.. santai2 b.. marah2 b sekali lewat, bis tu lupakan..

~'FeN'~ said...

First of all, I should say, those paragraph are for different persons and different situations... Every colour represents one person or one situation...
Sorry for the confusion...
I just thought about some people and some cases these days and I wanted to throw it up, but I just couldn't do that... So, if the person just happen to see this post, I hope they know what I want to tell them...
Anw, thanks for the comment...
Really appreciate that!

@ anonymous: why didn't you leave your name here?

@ len: pernah merasakan yg bagian mana len?^^


~'FeN'~ said...

Since I thought that I've fallen for you by just reading your blog :p

~'FeN'~ said...


~'FeN'~ said...

this sentence...
it's a good effort man *two thumbs*
but I think she'll never believe u one
this girl... haiyah...

peace fen ^^

~'FeN'~ said...

who r u, anonymous?
reveal urself la...
i'm wondering, humm...

~'FeN'~ said...

yr respond so so so ...

btw i agree with u except
-life is not really" fair but just fair enough ^^
-for the one u dunno... u should ask her... has she really done her best? ('so badly')

for the rest... yr words are so so so ... haiz
can only say nothing >.<

@fen: dpp oi aku H-1 be masi comment di blog kau na

~'FeN'~ said...


~'FeN'~ said...

reveal yrself and she'll grant u 3 wishes
but don't forget to give me 1