Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I wish I could sleep longer!

I went to sleep at about 2AM last night (upps, not last night, but today, lol) and I planned to wake up at at least 11. My sleep debt needs to be paid, but, but, but, like having an alarm inside my head, I woke up at 7 plus and couldn't get back to my sleep. Aarrrrggghhh, I want to sleep.

So, now, trying to forget about my lack of sleep, although I am sleepy, I decided to blog. Yeah, blogging is the only thing I can do alone in the morning when no one is crazy enough to get up and go online.

I have thought about a lot of things to blog but I am just too euphoric to start browsing and finding informations to be written. In short, I am lazy. Hence, I just chose to write rubbish this morning. Lol.

I have finished my exam yesterday! Yeah! 6 papers have passed and I have done my best to achieve my goal. Now, I have given my pen, pencil, eraser, and correction tape to God and let Him do the rest. I believe what I have done throughout this semester will be paid equally. What goes in equal to what goes out, right?

This semester exam treasured me some memories. 

Having some buddies to study together were sure a lot of fun. Although I didn't join them for every session, but I felt like 'great' when I was inside the circle. Ok, I also studied with them last semester, but really, this semester, I felt more love inside. No problem with them last semester, the real problem was me. I rejected to disclose myself, making my days more miserable, making myself soooo unsociable. So foolish I was.

Playing a new game during exam period was also a great fun. Haha. Yeah, I played Restaurant City while studying. Lucky me, that game didn't need 24 hour attention. I just needed to feed my staffs and got back to my notes, they will created money and gourmet point for me. Thanks for my beloved staffs: Vivien, Lisa, Valencia, Win, Andri, Jesi, Adi Bro (sorry to make you the cleaner =P), and me myself, of course!

Keep blogging was also a great thing to do during exam. Three semesters before, I tried so badly to limit my posts during exam period. Blogging sure wasted my time, yeah, it's true, but this tendency needed a channel to flow and of course, blog was a good choice! Lol.

I also didn't tremble for the first few minutes during this semester exam. It was such a great achievement for me since I never did the first question right at the first shot. My hand was usually shaking and my brain was clogged. But, this semester, I could think clearly and hey, no more shaking! Haha. Thanks for everyone who have given me their supports. I really appreciate that!

After my exam was over, I got back to my room and start packing my stuffs. Surviving in NTU is really a hard thing to do. Every year I need to pack my staffs, be a nomad, wander here and there. Life is so cruel. *Sigh

When I was packing, I realized, I kept a bunch of unimportant things! Haha, my bad , I treasure everything I have. All of the stuffs store my memory and I need to keep them to connect myself with my past life. It is so nostalgic!

A folder full of letters from NTU, a box full of stuffs people gave me (including the box of chocolate and dried flower), a quite large amount of pins and keychains, a bag full of bags, another bag full of plush toys. Olala, my unimportant stuffs are more than important one. Lol.

My obsession: Yoyo Cici (I forgot to include my coin pouch >.<)

U're the best I've ever had

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~'FeN'~ said...

wahhahahahhaha....gilo koleksi yoyo cicinyo ckckckck...

~'FeN'~ said...

dak tahan liatnyo kalo dak beli jes

abes2in duit b aku

da penting padahal

~'FeN'~ said...

kren nn c blogny..
pny aq bruk nag mt la..
msi eum ngrti..
aq asal" bwad b..

ajri c :)

~'FeN'~ said...

yo, tanya2 saja je...

cari skin di inet...
trus upload ke blog...