Monday, April 06, 2009

Rainbow will appear, sooner or later...

The water is lifted to the colder air and then condensed to be a vapour. The vapour turns into water nuclei, bumps each other, then drop to the ground: precipitation occurs. The rain falls to the ground, some part intercept to the canopy of vegetations and buildings, some are trapped inside puddles being a depression storage, and some just infiltrate into the ground surface. The rest will run on the ground surface towards the sea. They all will gather in the sea, and evaporate back to the atmosphere. It's an endless cycle, yeah, it will last forever.

The rain cycle is a-never-ending phenomena, similar to human problems. As long as we are alive, we will face problems, just like the water. When we face a huge problem, it's just the same as having a heavy rain inside our heart. Then, as time goes on, we will reduce the importance level of the problem, just like the rain losses here and there. The surface runoff will be our 'real' problem, as how we see it. Is it a big problem? Or is it just us who think it as an enormous trouble?

I am the one who tends to think every problem of my life as 'big'. Yeah, lebay, they just say in Indonesian slang. But, it's just my nature. I think of everything soooo deeply, make my problem bigger in bigger in my heart. Actually, I know that I do a useless thing, it's just stressed me out and it's unhealthy. I'm afraid I will get crazy some time later. Oh, nooooo.

And, believe, when it comes to the resolution, the problem will just evaporate back to the atmosphere, wait for another time to condense and get back into our heart.

So, our problems will always come endlessly throughout our life. It's our choice to take each of them easy or mess around and create more trouble. And after the rain, rainbow will appear, sure.


Actually, I want to make everything easy. I don't want to be that panick everytime a problem says hi to me. But, but, but, it's just my nature to have every problem, big or small, in the first place.

I should change. I try to change my mindset.

What thing that is actually inspiring me to write this?

I also don't know. I just receive an e-mail from the Hall Office that there are still plenty of rooms to apply for the extension period, and I am just trapped inside a dillemma. Again, I take it as a big problem, regardless how light the 'rain' is.

I am just too panick, huh?

OK, my quiz is 3 hours ahead, and I'm still blogging.

Rain, I'm coming!

U're the best I've ever had

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