Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hey, I'm super happy despite my exams are coming much nearer and my table light has spoiled. One of my besties has been attached!

Last night she messaged me and I just suddenly so euphoric. I have met her boyfriend (yeah, now I can already use the word 'boyfriend') about 2 times and I saw him as a good guy. Although I don't know how accurate my evaluation was, I'm sure my best friend doesn't choose a wrong person to be loved.^^.

Congratulation to both of you!
Hope you two will let the love grow until the end of the time. It will grow bigger and bigger and cover the entire life of yours.

2 out of 9 now. 7 more to go.
Maybe you are wondering, are we that ugly so that only 2 can get boyfriend? Lol.
No, no, no, none of us is ugly. We are just selective. Haha. *So cocky, huh?

Okay, forget the previous line, get back to the topic.

10th April 2009

Wait for another good news from other lovely besties.

U're the best I've ever had

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